Crown Prince opens shooting meet
By Syafiq Affendy

His Royal Highness Prince General Haji Al-Mutahdee Billah, the Crown Prince, Senior Minister at the Prime Minister's Office and General of Royal Brunei Armed Forces, consented to officially open the 9th Brunei International Shooting Skill at Arms Meet (BISAM) yesterday morning at the Gallery 1, Binturan Shooting Range in the Penanjong Garrison.

HRH Prince General officially opened the 9th BISAM 2008 by pressing a button which set off explosives, colourful smoke and fireworks in the shooting range field.

His Royal Highness Prince General presented prizes to the winners of the VIP Novelty Shoot event.

In the 500-metre Firing Point, His Royal Highness joined the VIP Novelty Shooting Event as part of Team Alpha, which won the competition against Team Bravo, Team Charlie and Team Delta.

Team Alpha comprised of His Royal Highness; Brigadier General (U) Dato Paduka Haji Mahmud bin Haji Saidin, Commander of Royal Brunei Air Force; Major General Dato' Mazelan bin Kasap, Commander of First Infantry Division in Kuching, Sarawak from the Malaysian Contingent; and Major Mousa Al Nasrat, observer from the Jordanian Armed Forces.

Among the nine teams vying for the championship were Brunei Darussalam with three teams and the United Kingdom, Singapore, Cambodia, Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia, with one team each.

HRH Prince General received a Royal Salute at the Royal Stand and met and greeted the heads of contingents of the teams.

HRH Prince General was greeted on arrival by Deputy Minister of Defence Pehin Datu Singamanteri Colonel (Rtd) Dato Seri Paduka Haji Mohammad Yasmin bin Haji Umar and the Commander of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF), Pehin Datu Lailaraja Major General Dato Paduka Seri Haji Awang Halbi bin Haji Md Yussof.

The BISAM trophy was handed by the Contingent Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces Lieutenant Colonel Ida Bagus to BISAM Head of Jury Lieutenant Colonel Haji Abidin bin Haris.

The surah al-Fatihah was read by the head of the RBAF Religious Department, Lieutenant Colonel (U) Haji Abdur' Rahim bin Abdul Karim.

After the closing prayer, His Royal Highness heard a presentation on 9th BISAM from the Co-Chairman of 9th BISAM, Pehin Datu Pekerma Jaya Colonel Mohd Tawih bin Abdullah at the briefing room.

His Royal Highness made a brief tour of the administration area. This was followed by a group photo session with senior officers of the Ministry of Defence and RBAF, high commissioners, ambassadors, defence advisers and contingents' representatives.

His Royal Highness visited the medical room and the Statistics Centre.

His Royal Highness was presented with a 'pesambah' and later signed a parchment.

The 9th BISAM 2008 is an international shooting event bringing in the finest marksmen from different countries.

It facilitates self-confidence and helps improve shooting skills and the overall professional development of all participants.

This international event provides a platform to maintain and enhance the friendly relations between countries and their armed forces. For the first time, BISAM saw the presence of Jordan as an observer. - Borneo Bulletin (30th Oct 2008)