Target for Excellent Youths
By Amie PDH Ishak

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam underlined the need for the nation's youths to be more determined to be the next generation that can contribute to the development of the country and further called upon the need for today's youths to reach for the goal of becoming 'Brunei's Excellent Youth'.

His Majesty stated this in a titah at the third National Youth Day celebration yesterday morning held at the Indoor Stadium in Berakas.

Also present were HRH Prince Mohamed Bolkiah and HRH Prince 'Abdul Malik.

In the titah, His Majesty said that the National Youth Day gathering is an avenue to evaluate the goals achieved towards the development of youths to become 'Brunei's Excellent Youth' (Belia Brunei Cemerlang) as stated in the Nation's Youth Policy.

"An excellent youth is someone who is faithful to Allah, knowledgeable, responsible and committed,"His Majesty pointed out.

In producing excellent youths, His Majesty noted that this needs the involvement of all parties, which includes individual, family, as well as members of the community.

Moreover, said His Majesty, the fast pace of globalisation has raised the challenge in efforts to churn out excellent youths and this includes challenges in the fields of education and employment.

"Therefore, youths today have no choice but to make a greater effort to excel in their abilities and skills. Only with these efforts can someone have the hope of becoming an excellent youth.

"I believe that today's youth, equipped with the knowledge that they gain from the various institutions, whether here or abroad, will be able to make the best and most intelligent choices in facing these challenges," His Majesty added.

"In conjunction with today's National Youth Day celebration, it is hoped that youths will double their effort towards acquiring the spirit to succeed and be responsible in all fields that they undertake.

"As the nation's youth, their involvement in the development of the country is very meaningful. I am very proud that a large number of youths have obtained high qualifications, in both professional and vocational fields, and these youths will be the ones who will generate and strengthen the development of the country. This is what is needed for the future of the nation and the country that we love," His Majesty further stated.

"In celebrating the National Youth Day, we must not disregard the less fortunate youths, as they too need our attention and guidance to become individuals who can also contribute towards the development of the country."

The monarch hoped that the relevant agencies will give special attention to them by providing opportunities through integrated programmes, such as self-confidence development and other similar programmes.

"Through these, the less fortunate youths will feel appreciated and will have the opportunity to then contribute their services to the country.

"Besides being active in the development of the nation and gaining knowledge, I would like to remind youths not to forget the purity of their traditional rites and etiquette and the nation's identity, which has been inherited through the generations," His Majesty added.

"Bruneians are well known for their sincerity in their mannerisms and culture. This high standard of culture should be instilled in our youths as it mirrors the sincerity and high quality of the nation."

In his advice, His Majesty reminded youths to be prepared to compete and be resilient in facing risks, as success will not come easily but through hard work and perseverance.

"By God's will, if there are many youths who are responsible and persevere through the conflicts and challenges that they may face, then the nation will be able to move forward gloriously by God's will," His Majesty concluded. - Borneo Bulletin (3rd August 2008)