Future lies in Brunei Vision
By Narissa Noor

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam in his New Year titah last night stressed on the importance of the Brunei Vision in charting the future direction of the country while ensuring its sustainability and development.

Earlier in the titah delivered at Istana Nurul Iman, His Majesty referred to the New Year as a quintessential time to re-evaluate the country's progress in relation to the desired outcome while at the same time augmenting current efforts towards better services and greater achievements.

"We are now witnessing world-changing events such as the financial crisis, the economic downturn, social controversies, environmental deterioration and political instability which are affecting much of the world," His Majesty noted.

Brunei, His Majesty pointed out, is spared from these crises and its people enjoy peace and tranquillity.

Thanking those involved for prolonging their collaboration and unanimously generating the fortitude to develop the country, His Majesty said that vital issues will continually be examined and discussed not only on the national front but in the international arena as well.

"We will also continue to plan and look ahead as we face the future to come. While we may not have the answers to the complex challenges facing the world today, we still have to anticipate the future and this government is prepared to assess and adopt the necessary improvements that is needed," His Majesty said in the titah.

The efforts in facing these unexpected new challenges will create national sustainability which is fundamental to ensure the nation's development and prosperity.

It is for this reason, His Majesty said, that the country has designed a merited Brunei Vision as the nation's legacy.

"The vision has charted our future direction, guiding plans that are more systematic towards producing an educated nation with strong capabilities, a nation with quality and that can succeed further, and a nation with a steadfast and dynamic economy."

Knowledge, skills, experience and finance aside, His Majesty held that time is the integral factor in the development and productivity of the nation, particularly the handling and managing of time.

"Time is a unique element which differs from attributes of knowledge, skills and finance," stated His Majesty. "While it is commonplace for man to pursue knowledge and wealth, not everyone sees time as more than what it is."

His Majesty referred to time as a turning point for considering the improvement of the nation's productivity and other developments, all of which should be executed expeditiously during the given time.

"Every plan has been given a targeted implementation time of its own. This is the approach in valuing time and this should be incorporated into our culture," stressed His Majesty.

"Expedient action during the given time is one of the attributes needed to succeed. Expediency in making changes, improvements and enhancements are the practices of a thriving nation."

His Majesty appealed to his people to look to their weaknesses, while admitting their own, to invite improvement. "We need to remember that Allah will not change our fate unless we are prepared to make our own changes, one of which is our attitude."

Concluding the titah, His Majesty expressed his appreciation to everyone for their sincere effort in performing their duties and responsibilities for the pursuit of happiness, peace and prosperity. - Borneo Bulletin (1st Jan 2009)