Quranic generation needed to overcome deficiencies
By Azaraimy HH

His Royal Highness Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince and Senior Minister at the Prime Minister's Office, saw the need for the creation of Quranic generation to overcome the various deficiencies in the community system and the economy faced by mankind.

The Crown Prince delivered a sabda at the opening of the National Level Finals of the Adult Quran Reading Competition for the year 1430 Hijrah (2009) at the International Convention Centre, Berakas, last night.

"In this era of globalisation with the current sophistication in info-communication, the knowledge contained in the Quran is being given due attention and analysis, discussed as well as studied by the non-Muslim community. What is certain is that the divinity of Islam and the Quran continues to be revealed through the intellectual discoveries of researchers," the Crown Prince said.

The significance of the revelation of the Quran transcends all boundaries of age or time, His Royal Highness added.

"This in itself is amongst the miracles concealed within the Quran. This is why it has been recited and understood as well as embraced to become the ultimate source of reference by hundreds of millions of human beings since over 1,400 years ago.

"It is important for the teachings of the Quran to be understood by every Muslim in order to conceive a Quranic generation. Since the times of the Noble Prophet Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wassalam, the Islamic generation was taught entirely based on the Quran as guidance of life. It not only covers the fulfilment of spiritual education but leads to life's vision in society and culture, economics, politics as well as science. With it, there developed a renowned Islamic civilisation the memory of which would be recalled by its followers to this day.

"The various deficiencies in the community system and the economy faced by mankind, by God's Will can be overcome with the creation of a Quranic generation that adheres firmly to the teachings, reminders and warnings and delves into the secrets contained therein," said His Royal Highness.

Earlier, His Royal Highness said the Quran reading competition represents an established event and continuous effort by His Majesty's Government towards upholding the divine teachings of Islam.

The Crown Prince stated that pro-grammes like this illustrate that the divine teachings of Islam within the country are constantly being inculcated and developed.

"The Quran was revealed to mankind to be read, understood, as well as embraced with a sincerity of the heart and soul as the Quran represents a complete guide to life, accurate and comprehensive, covering all aspects of life as well as human civilisation.

"Alhamdullillah, in line with current developments, books that provide interpretations of the Quran (Tafseer Al-Quran), especially in the Malay language, are now readily available at book stores, as well as reference materials in mosque, college, and public libraries, to help us in comprehending the meanings inscribed and further deepening our understanding of the secrets contained therein. Nevertheless, we are also required to study the interpretation of the Quran from a teacher who is accredited in the field," the Crown Prince added.

"In this competition, we are not merely listening to the recitations of the participants, what is in fact most important is to what extent we can embrace the essence of the teachings that are revealed through the Quran itself," His Royal Highness said.

The Crown Prince added that efforts in propagating the divine teachings of Islam and the teachings as well as the lessons from the Quran have also been actively conducted and continuously enhanced in mosques and disseminated through the government and local mass media ever since in order to engage minds and nurture the traits of 'muhasabah' (inner-self discovery of oneself).

The competition started at Mosques Level to select Qari and Qariah for nomination to the Zone and District level, and participants who scored 75 per cent and above qualified for the quarter-finals.

Fifty-six participants were involved in the quarter-finals, where participants who scored 80 per cent and above moved into the semi-finals.

Twenty-six were eligible to compete in the semi-finals.

Last night, the best of eight, comprising 4 Qari and 4 Qariah competed in the finals. They comprised 3 Qari and 3 Qariah chosen to compete in the final along with the defending champions from Qari and Qariah categories.

The Qari are: Ak Muhammad Adibul Amin bin Pg Hj Marjuki (Defending Champion), Hj Ismail bin Hj Sulaiman, Hj Muhammad Fahmie bin Hj Metussin and Mohammad Zul-Hafiz bin Hj Tengah.

The Qariah are: Dyg Nurfaezah bte Hj Emran (Defending Champion), Amal Nazirah bte Hj Asmat, Norezah bte Hj Md Deli and Hjh Nurul Akmalina bte Hj Yahya. - Borneo Bulletin (28th May 2009)