Religious knowledge panacea for social ills
By Malek Hashim

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam has called on all Muslims to continuously seek religious knowledge throughout their lives.

In a titah to commemorate Maulidur Rasul, the monarch said in order for Brunei Darussalam to survive as a peaceful and prosperous nation, religious education is a must for every Muslim in the country.

In finding the remedy for the moral decadence and challenges currently facing the world today, particularly those with weak religious knowledge, His Majesty said it is important for us to look back on the examples set by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his companions.

Touching on the learning concept based from a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), His Majesty said every Muslim is obliged to seek religious knowledge from the start till the end of his/her life. In short, it is important for Muslims to learn religious knowledge throughout their lives.

The monarch said Prophet Muhammad is glorified for bringing blessings to the whole universe, thus enabling the Muslims to develop a civilisation based on the Islamic faith, love and mutual respect as advocated by the prophet.

His Majesty also mentioned love and mutual respect as the principles the country has been practising in its journey towards becoming a matured nation.

Carrying out the country's development efforts, the monarch said, would be easy if everyone practises love and respect among one another. "We live harmoniously in peace because of love and we are strong and united because we respect each other," His Majesty added.

Prophet Muhammad and his companions' obedience to Allah and piously abiding by laws under whatever circumstances made them highly praised, said the monarch.

His Majesty also expressed his gratefulness to Allah the Almighty for giving the opportunity to celebrate the glorious day of the birth of the highly revered Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

His Majesty hoped that the efforts in commemorating the birth of the highly revered prophet would strengthen the faith of all. - Borneo Bulletin (9th Mar 2009)