Historic day for RBAF
By James Kon

His Royal Highness Prince General Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince, Senior Minister at the Prime Minister's Office and General of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) has reminded relevant parties as well as the Officer Cadet School to always be alert and sensitive to current developments and changes in terms of military dimensions, infrastructural and asset requirements and the latest leadership methodologies.

His Royal Highness said this in a sabda during the Sovereign's Parade ceremony for the 2nd intake officer cadets at the Parade Square of the RBAF Officer Cadet School at Sungai Akar Camp yesterday.

Based on these developments and requirements, His Royal Highness said, "The relevant parties should act dynamically and introduce reforms that will lead towards the accomplishment of the vision and mission that has been established.

"This is in line with the aspiration of the Ministry of Defence and Royal Brunei Armed Forces in raising the level of professionalism of its personnel through the development of locally conducted life long learning and continuous professional development programme, which are both relevant and systematic for the various ranks of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces."

As for the Sovereign's Parade Ceremony for the 2nd intake officer cadets, His Royal Highness said, "This parade is a result of developments in the Ministry of Defence and Royal Brunei Armed Forces particularly to uphold aspirations to raise the level of professionalism and transform the nation's eminent and dynamic defence institution.

"I would firstly like to express my pride in witnessing the parade of officer cadets made up of our nation's youths who will become the future of leadership and authority in our military organisation."

Speaking about this year's 2nd intake exemplary officer cadet 21496 (U) Dk Nurazriana binti Pg Hassanan, His Royal Highness said, "I am also proud that another historical accomplishment has been achieved by this institute with the graduation of a female officer cadet who will become the first female pilot of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces this morning."

Congratulating the 2nd intake cadet officers, His Royal Highness said, "My congratulations to the officer cadets who have successfully undertaken the training programme that represents a test of various aspects of physical and mental capabilities as well as personality. I believe that this morning's parade is a source of inspiration to encourage prospective trainees and youth groups to raise their level of commitment towards achieving personal excellence.

"For the Officer Cadet School as well as the close partnership of the local and foreign trainers, obviously today's achievement represents a milestone in the continuous efforts to develop the school's capacity and build its reputation as a military training institution on par with those of other nations throughout the world," said HRH the Prince General.

"The success of the officer cadets in fully taking to heart and putting into practice the qualities, personal values as well as leadership inculcated throughout their training in the discharge of their responsibilities and obligations, reflects upon the capability and continued success of this Officer Cadet School," His Royal Highness said.

"Certainly, the existence of this Officer Cadet School with its own character and unique identity will itself become a basis for the motivation of all parties to continue endeavouring to further raise the entire performance and image of this institution as befits the motto 'Loyalty, Commitment and Courage' in coming together to meet the challenges of the changing times."

Highlighting the new uniform of the officer cadets, His Royal Highness said, "I am pleased to note that this morning's parade is the most significant parade for it is the first time that the officer cadets of the second intake are donning new uniforms which signify the institution's own identity." - Borneo Bulletin (15th January 2010)