Sultan extols virtues of faith and sincerity
By Azrol Azmi

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam last night underscored the importance of faith and sincerity, be it to Allah or the religion, in doing pious activities, studying, earning an income, family life, living in a nation and in carrying out one's duty. This is for us to get blessings from Allah and be showered with benefits.

The monarch said this in a titah to mark the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

"We should take examples from teachings and practices of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to show our love and respect to the Prophet who enlightens and brings light to the world, prior to which the world was lost in complete darkness.

"In an effort to spread Islam, the Prophet faced all sorts of obstacles and tests, not only from the enemies but also from his family members. However, all the tests were faced with patience and perseverance without taking a step backward and the Prophet moved forward to spread the religion of Allah with determination," said His Majesty.

"Where did the Prophet's strength come from in facing all these trials and tribulations? The answer is faith and sincerity towards Allah that gives the strength to face all the obstacles.

"The capabilities not only come from the individual but with the help of Allah because we help the religion as highlighted in Surah Muhammad, verse 7, 'O you who believe, If you aid (the cause of) Allah, he will aid you in achieving success and make your foothold firm'.

"This is the promise to a sincere person from Allah and the religion. The secret of sincerity is supreme and comes in many forms.

It is highly blessed and recommended, not only in doing pious activities, but also in studies, how one earns a living, living in a family and nation. All these require sincerity. Without sincerity, the consequences are bitter.

"Sincerity is the solution or panacea for all shortcomings, especially in our duties. If one is sincere, the person would definitely be clean from all negative influences such as greed, insincerity, corruption and so forth ," His Majesty said.

His Majesty hopes that amidst celebrating Prophet Muhammad's birthday, all citizens and residents, regardless of rank and status could be sincere in their life in order to be truly blessed by Allah.

"We must find revenues with good intention and not otherwise. The value is high when revenues are obtained with good intention compared to getting them through dishonesty, which leads us into ruin in this world and the hereafter.

"Hence, let us wear 'sincere clothing' that looks good and pure in the eyes of Allah for our life to be blessed, loved by al-Khaliq (the creator) and the people," His Majesty concluded. - Borneo Bulletin (26th February 2010)