Follow Prophet's formula as guide towards success
By Lyna Mohamad

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam last night emphasised on the importance of using Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) formula as a sterling guide for Muslims to succeed in development and to embrace the actions and practices of the Prophet to eradicate social illnesses that are so prevalent nowadays.

In his titah marking the birthday anniversary of Prophet Muhammad 1432 Hijriah, which was broadcast to the nation via television and radio last night, His Majesty recorded his gratitude that Muslims could once again this year celebrate and honour the historic birthday anniversary of Prophet Muhammad, the messenger of Allah and blessings of the entire universe.

"It has been recorded that the Prophet had been sent as a messenger to the centre of civilisation, which was completely ignorant and destructive in its moral and living values," pointed out His Majesty. "At that time, there was no law, code of ethics and judgement was based on one's whim. But when the Prophet was sent as the messenger, the light of truth began to shine and enlighten the society and the world that was beset by darkness."

His Majesty then asked of the factors that made the Prophet successful in shaping a perfect community and country. "The answer is that the Prophet, above all else, emphasised on the development of mankind before taking into account issues of the country." The monarch explained that the Prophet nurtured faith, showered the soul with belief and decorated the heart with commendable attitudes and behaviours before all else.

"This is an example that should not be neglected," the monarch warned as he explained that it carried within it a big secret why the Prophet prioritised on the development of mankind before anything else.

"Among the secrets that can be traced are the fact that mankind is a machine. It is also an enabler and a pillar to carry out any development. If the machine, the equipment and the pillar are perfect," the monarch asked, "wouldn't anything that was built not be perfect too?"

It was because of this hidden secret that Muslims, wherever they may be, who wish to succeed just like the Prophet, not just in development, but also in developing a 'harmonious country', must follow the Prophet's formula.

The monarch then recited the message from Surah Al-Ahzab, verse 21: "Indeed in the Messenger of Allah (Prophet Muhammad), you have a good example to follow for he hopes in (the meeting with) Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah always (be they) in times of hardship or happiness."

His Majesty further outlined that this verse illustratively provided signals for mankind to follow the examples of the Prophet, "anything that came from the Prophet, we make as an example, and only then would it be meaningful for us to make the Prophet as our leader and only then could there also be hope for us to receive blessings in our lives".

His Majesty in further elaborating on the message of the verse spelt out that "it tells us to hold firmly onto the teachings brought by the Prophet as he had done so himself. With this fervent grasp, we could become a perfect follower, obediant to Allah with noble values and dignity".

His Majesty then commended the aptness of this year's theme of 'Membina Sahsiah dengan Ajaran Rasulullah' or 'Building personality with the Prophet's teachings'.

"It is more relevant today with the contemporary phenomena," the monarch pointed out, "in a world that is struggling due to being overcome by a host of terrible vices, especially widespread social ills, which are dragging the world back into a dark era known as 'ignorance'."

His Majesty placed his hope that only by holding true to religion and embracing the teachings of the Prophet could these widespread diseases be prevented. "I hope that a decent personality in the mould of the Prophet can grow and flourish in this country to become the basis and foundation of development and progress until the end of time," said His Majesty. - Borneo Bulletin (15th February 2011)