Royal blessings for new school
By Aziz Idris

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam yesterday urged all relevant government agencies to extend their cooperation for the recently launched Al-Falaah School building in order to ensure its smooth running.

The monarch said this in a titah at the launching of the new Al-Falaah School building in Jalan Sungai Akar.

His Majesty expressed his hope by saying that the school has the potential to advance and promote the development of our religion.

His Majesty also hoped that the school would always be a step ahead. "I understand the school not only excels in al-Quran and Arabic Language but also in subjects such as English, Mathematics and others taught in other schools across the country," he said before adding, "this would be an advantage and help the school to shine."

The ruler gave an example of the tough competition to enter the Arabic Secondary School adding that candidates from Al-Falaah would have better odds (to gain entry) based on their strengths in specific subjects such as the Quran and Arabic Language.

The ruler gave an example of enrolment in Arabic Secondary School whereby potential candidates will obviously come from Al-Falaah, as they (students) will have the basic al-Quran and Arabic Language skills to their advantage.

The benevolent ruler is also convinced that the school will not be easily deterred, as His Majesty focused his attention on the obstacles faced by the school over the years.

"For some unavoidable reason, the school was asked to evacuate and move to another premises, which affected it at that time," said His Majesty.

In an effort to keep the school running, Al-Falaah School at the time appealed for a loan from Baitul Mal but due to unforeseen circumstances the plan was delayed and new problem arose which was doubling of the building cost, said His Majesty.

"This is a sad story, moreover if without infrastructure, it would've simply seized just like that notwithstanding the fact that the mission and vision were clearly to uphold the religion," added His Majesty

"On this basis and for the 'special attributes' possessed by the school, with the sole intention of acting in the name of Allah the Almighty, I presented the school building to Al-Falaah as a gift and hope that this building could be used properly and also be capable of meeting the needs as intended," the ruler said.

His Majesty then focused his attention on blessed children as even Allah the Almighty regards them as pious friends of Islam.

"As pious friends of Allah the Almighty, they possess a clean mind and soul and are free of sin and their prayers are clearly effective. If we truly understand the children, then without doubt there would be no one who would not love any child," said the Majesty.

His Majesty further added, "I'm dismayed as to why people still torment children, to the extent of being driven to even kill them. Surely this act, no doubt, is very heinous." - Borneo Bulletin (21st Octopber 2011)