Sultan upholds desire to transform Brunei into a true nation of 'Zikir'
By Siti Hajar

With the Sultanate's fortunate disposition of being continuously blessed by Allah the Almighty who has brought peace, stability and protection from calamities that have inundated many parts of the world, His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam last night reinforced his commitment to further develop the country into a true nation of 'Zikir'.

In a titah to mark the New Islamic Year 1433 Hijrah, the caring monarch noted that incidences such as natural disasters, outbreaks and other crises, are the will of Allah the Almighty that cannot be avoided. "They do not happen on their own as many tend to believe."

While such incidents have brought suffering to countless lives, His Majesty said that it is such challenges that empower the people as they would soon come to realise that they would have to repent and seek forgiveness from Allah the Almighty.

"This is the lesson behind these bitter events," said the monarch. "If we were to learn from these, then there is hope that we will be kept safe from such tragedies. This is because Allah the Almighty cares greatly for his loyal followers and condemns all those who are disloyal."

In light of this, His Majesty is determined to see that Brunei truly becomes a nation of 'Zikir', one that upholds Islamic law with nobility, respects its neighbours and is sincere in helping others.

Brunei's gence in upholding Islamic practices such as ensuring the continuous flow of 'Zikir', prayers and commendable deeds, has attained mercy from Allah the Almighty, His Majesty said, adding that this is something that is difficult to be obtained by others.

"I pray that Brunei will continue to remain safe and progressive, whilst also having the protection of Allah the Almighty against all forms of disasters."

As the Muslim world bids farewell to 1432 Hijrah and enters 1433 Hijrah, His Majesty reminded the population to express their gratitude to Allah the Almighty for all the blessings that have been bestowed upon the nation and its people over the past Islamic year.

"Too many saddening stories are happening elsewhere," His Majesty noted. "Allah the Almighty, Alhamdulillah, has exempted us from such undesirables."

In ending the titah, His Majesty and other members of the royal family wished all Bruneians a blessed 1433 Hijrah. His Majesty further highlighted that the new Islamic year should be a time for the people to demonstrate acts of kindness. "Inshya Allah, success and happiness will await us." - Borneo Bulletin (27th Novempber 2011)