Citizens reminded to serve the nation as true patriots
James Kont

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam yesterday reminded citizens of the country to serve the nation as true patriots and not to migrate with accomplished academic certificates to serve in other countries.

"The government has never overlooked private education or education under the administration of the government. Both have never been ignored and have received equal attention and treatment," said His Majesty in a titah delivered at the Chung Hwa Middle School BSB's 90th anniversary celebration yesterday.

"Citizens of the nation have enjoyed the various educational facilities and should possess unwavering loyalty to the government. They should feel blessed and be thankful because the government has been able to fulfil the educational needs of the people.

"Regardless of their race," His Majesty said, "as long as they are citizens of the nation, they are obliged to be transparent and loyal to the country. If they are students, then their intention should be to study and when they complete, their intention should be to remain in the country.

"Then they can be declared as true patriots," His Majesty said explaining the true meaning of a patriot.

"Do not bring the certificates and migrate to serve in other countries," urged His Majesty.

The beloved monarch then reminded that to become more respectable and noble, every citizen needs to be a patriot even though it may affect their source of earning.

Earlier in the titah, His Majesty also spoke on the important role played by the private education institutions in the development and progress of the nation.

"Private education institutions are not excluded from the aims of producing workforce who are skilled, professional, efficient and at the same time do not ignore Bruneian values. The 21st Century Education System, or SPN21, acts as a catalyst toward this.

"The government has provided formal assistance to private schools in the country including raising the quality of infrastructure as well as the premises of private schools with assistance in attaining land to construct buildings," the ruler said.

Other initiatives that are being carried out to increase the capacity and competency of teachers in private schools, His Majesty pointed out, "is through courses organised by the Ministry of Education. The initiative is in line with the Ministry of Education's Strategic Plan 2012-2017".

"Teachers in private schools also are given opportunities to participate in professional development programmes to help raise the quality of teaching and learning. The professional development programme is in line with the needs of implementing a national curriculum in the country's education system."

His Majesty congratulated Chung Hwa Middle School BSB for its 90th anniversary celebration and acknowledged that it is one of the oldest schools that continues to contribute its services to the community.

His Majesty also noted the various awards of excellence attained by the school in academic achievement as well as awards received by a number of students at regional and international level. The school has opened its door not only to the Chinese students but also students of various races including Malay students. - Borneo Bulletin (12 October 2012)