Call to shun deviant beliefs, follow Prophet's teachings
Azaraimy HH

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam on the eve of the New Year of Hijrah 1434 last night expressed strong discontentment against Islamic deviationist thoughts being aired around the world today including contemporary terms such as "Liberal Islam", "Religious Pluralism" and other similar thoughts or connotations propagated in various ways or platforms.

His Majesty delivered a titah last night to mark the New Year of 1434 Hijrah.

"All of these will never be related to Brunei Darussalam," His Majesty stated. The monarch reminded the Ummah not to go astray nor be part of these deviant thoughts.

"What is most worrisome, the domain through which these false deviant teachings are being channelled is expanding. It is not only being propagated from mouth to mouth or from one individual to another individual, but has now become sophisticated and is done through books, magazines, newspapers and Internet. The situation has become uncontrollable.

"The only way to ensure that we do not become part of it is to enhance the strength of individual 'Iman' or faith in the original or true form of Islamic teaching," said His Majesty and reminded the Ummah to always renew this faith as requested by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) because this "Iman" can fade out anytime.

His Majesty said such atypical terms such as "Liberal Islam", "Religious Pluralism" or any other form of deviationist thoughts are "very strange", and "unacceptable".

"Brunei is an Islamic state. Insha Allah, this is the faith that will continue for generations to come until the end of time," said the ruler.

Speaking of Hijrah, His Majesty said there are several matters related to it. First, it reminds the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad's migration that was filled with challenges and obstacles. Secondly, it marks the formation of the Islamic calendar. Thirdly, it reminds us of our age which signifies the changes that are imminent, which His Majesty said should be able to bring about "keinsafan" (conscience to go back to the true path) to all of us.

"Hijrah is the axis of the civilisation," His Majesty said.

"It happened as a movement of Dakwah and that Dakwah has given births to civilisations worldwide.

"It is the people who delivered the Dakwah that has changed the face of this world, from ugliness to a beautiful face full of radiance.

"This is the miracle (Berkat) of Prophet Muhammad's migration," His Majesty added.

"Relating to the word 'Berkat', I have taken interest to the theme of this year's Hijrah celebration that states 'Umat Bertaqwa Negara Berkat' (Pious Ummah Brings Blessings to the Nation). This theme undeniably is an approach that invites the Ummah to follow a pious life," His Majesty stated.

His Majesty said "Bertaqwa" (following a pious life) is an obligation for all Muslims. Allah the Almighty promises all who follow the teachings will be given a way out from myriads of "Kesukaran" (difficulties in life). Not only that, they will also be blessed with "rezeki" (fortunate things) that have never crossed their mind.

"Moreover, if the 'Taqwa' (piety) they have is accompanied by 'Tawakal' (to put in effort in the best way we can, before surrendering the outcome to Allah the Almighty), then all will become theirs, including assistance and protection from Allah the Almighty," His Majesty said (as stated in Surah At-Talaq, Ayat 2 to 3).

The ruler added that preserving one's Iman is one of the characteristics of Taqwa.

"Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) requested that we should always renew our Iman by reciting as much as possible the 'Laa-ilaha illallah' as our Iman can dim or even fade if not preserved," His Majesty said.

This request of Prophet Muhammad cannot be taken lightly because it refers to the current circumstances, where there have been a burgeoning number of false teachings deviating from 'Aqidah', His Majesty said.

"If it is true that a particular teaching or its understanding is false, or is proved deviant, then the followers must turn back to the right path and follow the advice of Prophet Muhammad to always renew our Iman (faith)," His Majesty said.

His Majesty asked the Ummah to be strong to their faith and follow only the religious teachings brought by Prophet Muhammad.

"We must wholeheartedly give our all to Islam in all its form without any addition or anything subtracted from it," His Majesty said adding that this is what is ordered by Allah the Almighty.

On behalf of the royal family, His Majesty wished everyone a Happy New Year 1434 Hijrah. - Borneo Bulletin (15 November 2012)