Temburong highlights Islam strength & perseverance
Aziz Idris

A total of 446 people from Temburong District comprising Penghulus, Village Heads, students, youth leaders, community leaders and musicians joined in field performances at a ceremonial get-together in Temburong District yesterday in-conjunction with His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darrusalam's 66th birthday celebrations.

The performances showcased students conducting skits on different aspects during the start of Islam to Brunei as well as the threats to the religion by outsiders in the days of yore.

The concept for this year's performance was called 'Darussalam Bilhuda' or prosperous and safe nation with guidance from Allah the Almighty.

The concept brings sound understanding of His Majesty's vision in making Brunei a Zikir nation and making Islam a way of life backed by citizens and residents of Brunei.

The concept also reflects the vision of the loyal people sheltering in a country of peace under the caring and wise leadership of His Majesty, highly honoured by all people of Brunei.

A total of five segments were presented where 232 performers showed their acting skills on the field. Segment one comprised the arrival of Arab missionaries to Brunei, using a mock-up life size ship.

Segment two showed peace in the country and the expansion of Islam, which was under threat from the Spanish invasion, while segment three depicted the development and rise of Islamic teachings in the country.

Segment four and five showcased performers reading the holy al-Quran and the Islamic community at mass prayers, displaying Brunei's efforts towards being a 'Zikir' nation.

The final segment, being the grand finale described the Islamic community performing a mass recital of the al-Quran during Ramadhan, making Islam their way of life.

Overjoyed by the final results, some of the performers embraced each other in celebration, while others gave 'high-fives' in recognition of the effort in making the performances a success.

The performers were the first in-line to meet-and greet the monarch and other members of the royal family. - Borneo Bulletin (19 July 2012)