NAM is the core of globalism

His Royal Highness Prince Mohamed Bolkiah, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, yesterday in a statement at the 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Tehran lauded NAM as the only global association that operates by consensus, which is the core of globalism.

It represents the lasting solution to confrontation in the interests of all people, HRH added.

HRH congratulated the government and people of Tehran on hosting the summit and emphasised the unique position of the movement to assist the people it represents in successfully facing the many challenges of globalisation.

HRH also held bilateral meetings with Iranian President Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iranian Foreign Minister Dr Ali Akbar Salehi and Iranian Minister of Petroleum Rostam Ghasemi to discuss overall relations and future cooperation.

Speaking at the 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) yesterday, HRH thanked the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei for his inspiring words and President Ahmadinejad for his opening address.

"On behalf of His Majesty the Sultan and the People of Brunei Darussalam, I offer many congratulations to the Government and People of the Islamic Republic of Iran on taking over as our Chairman," HRH said.

HRH also extended his warmest greetings also to fellow members of the movement, particularly to new members of NAM, the Republics of Azerbaijan and Fiji, as well as colleagues from Egypt, for their commitment to the movement over the past three years.

"Mr Chairman, I have been very impressed by the outstanding presentation of this meeting and I would like to say thank you very much indeed to Iran, its president and its government and, of course, to the people of Tehran.

"Each time we come to this famous city, we receive a fine welcome, and this time is no exception. The people have greeted us with charm, friendship and most generous hospitality and, in all senses of the word, they have been wonderful hosts. So, very many thanks to you all. It is a pleasure to be here and you have been great friends and partners.

"As such, we also congratulate you on your country's recent sporting achievements and your most successful Olympic games ever.

"At the same time, we share your great sadness this month and offer our deepest condolences on the terrible loss of life that followed the recent earthquakes in northwest Iran.

"The quotations across Tehran's tree-lined roads and busy streets have greeted us with far more than 'slogans'. They are statements which inspire us with the spirit of this movement.

"They direct our attention to the ordinary citizens we are privileged to represent here. It is the quality of their day-to-day lives that is the prime concern of our movement. In simple terms, this means we are here to help bring them opportunity, hope and confidence in the modern world.

"The process this involves has been given the name: 'Globalism'. One of the founding fathers of our regional association in Southeast Asia once called it 'the final stage of historical development'.

"For us, this is what makes the long-term success of NAM so special. It is the only global association that operates by consensus, which is the core of globalism. It represents the lasting solution to confrontation in the interests of all people.

"As the same great Asean founding father added 'should it collapse, the final stage of historical development will fall apart'.

"That is why, Mr Chairman, I thank my colleague, Minister Ali Akbar Salehi, for the statement he sent us of Iran's commitment to the movement by creating 'a friendly atmosphere, building effective cooperation, strengthening the movement in international arrangements and enhancing its role in dealing with the challenges that confront its members'.

"It is a clear summary of the special values members of the Non-Aligned Movement share in today's world. Brunei Darussalam will do all it can to support them and we wish the Islamic Republic of Iran great success during the coming three years of its chairmanship."

The 16th NAM Summit ended yesterday with the adoption of NAM declarations on Palestine and the Tehran Final Document.

HRH Prince Mohamed Bolkiah and HRH Pengiran Anak Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Zariah left Tehran yesterday evening. - Borneo Bulletin (1 September 2012)