Royalty witnesses enthralling Wushu performance
by James Kon

His Royal Highness Prince Haji Sufri Bolkiah, the President of Brunei Darussalam National Olympic Council, yesterday witnessed an exhilarating art of Wushu performance put up by Brunei Darussalam Wushu Federation and the visiting members of China Wushu Association.

The 20-strong members of China Wushu Association are in the country as part of their Asean Tour. Among the Chinese Wushu exponents is the sword event's world champion, Miss Cheng Cheng.

Upon arrival, HRH was greeted by Mr Ang Swee Chuan, the President of Brunei Wushu Federation, along with Mr He Qinglong, the head of delegation and Vice President of China Wushu Association.

Also present were Dato Paduka Awg Hj Mohd Hamid bin Hj Mohd Jaafar, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, and Haji Muhd Zamri bin Dato Paduka Hj Hamdani, the Acting Director of Youth and Sports.

The show kick started with Brunei Wushu Federation's performance led by the 25th SEA Games silver Medallist, Faustina Woo Wai Sii (L) and Lee Ying Shi.

There were also performances from the youth members of the Brunei Wushu Federation.

The highlight of the event came from the performance of China Wushu Association. The first performance was a group Quanshu (or Fist) demonstration by Wang Jun, Li Yonghui, Jiang Zhicheng, Zheng Jutian, Zhou Jing, Wu Xueqin, Li Bei and Li Yinmiao.

This was followed by solo performances - 'The Piguaquan' by Li Yinmiao; 'Bajiquan' (Eight-Extreme Fist) by Lu Chao; 'Yingzhaoquan' (Eagle-Claw Fist) by Zhang Chunyan; 'Fanziquan' (Tumbling Fist) by Cheng Cheng; 'Optional Fist Routine' by Ye Zhuqian; 'Chaquan' (Cha Fist) by Li Yonghui; and 'Nanquan' (Southern Fist) by Liu Huan.

Other performances included: 'Tongbeiquan' (Through-The-Back Fist) by Zheng Jutian; 'Baguazhang' (Eight-Trigram Palm) by Wu Xueqin; 'Monkey Staff' by Lu Chao; duel of bare hands against a spear by Chang Shun and Jiang Zhicheng; Jianshu sword showcase by Ye Zhuqian, Li Yinmiao, Zhou Jing, Li Yonghui, Li Bei and Jiang Zhicheng; 'Dual Sword' by Ye Zhuqian; 'Long Sword' by Zhang Chunyan; 'Daoshu' (Broadsword) by Zheng Jutian; 'Nandao' (Southern Broad Sword) by Liu Huan; and, 'Taijijian' (Taiji Sword) by Zhou Jing and Wu Xueqin.

After having a group photo taken with the performers, HRH was presented with a souvenir by Mr He Qinglong.

Li Hui, the national Wushu coach, said that yesterday's showcase was aimed at promoting the sport of Wushu to the people of Brunei.

"We hope that (through such cultural exchanges), we would be able to learn more from each other," he said.

Miss Cheng Cheng, who was crowned World Champion last year, said Brunei's Wushu exponents have done surprisingly well in past competitions. "However, there is always room for improvement," she added.

When asked what her next goal was, the 23-year-old said: "I want to (reach to the top spot) in the Quan event at the upcoming China Wushu Championship." - Borneo Bulletin (8 March 2012)