His Majesty visits homes of housing scheme recipients
Aziz Idris, Izah Azahari & Syafiq Affendy

HIS Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, after completing the Key Presentation Ceremony at the Kuala Belait Convention Centre, consented to visit the houses of some of the recipients of the new housing schemes in Lumut/Sungai Liang, Lorong Tengah Seria and Mumong yesterday.

One lucky recipient Awg Hassanal Seri Paduka bin Hj Abd Rashid applied for the housing scheme 16 years ago, even before he got married. He was overjoyed to receive the house and was extremely grateful that the caring monarch visited their new home.

He received the Semi-Detached house under the landless scheme for indigenous people (STKRJ) for Kampong Mumong with his family of six. He feels very lucky that his new home is opposite a multi-purpose land for leisure use.

For Abdul Mutalib bin Hj Rosli, his wish to have a new home finally came true. Currently working with the Ministry of Health, he used to stay at his father’s house in Kampong Pandan. On receiving the house from His Majesty, he said, “This is the best gift for my family.”

The monarch also visited the houses of Mohd Redzuan bin Hj Buang. The proud owner of a Terrace Housing in the Lumut/ Sungai Liang National Housing Scheme (RPN), said that he had applied for the housing scheme seven years ago and is glad to have finally received the house for his family of six.

“I’m also happy that all the rooms are satisfactory for all of my family members with no major complaints, aside from small bits of work here and there,” Mohd Redzuan further added.

Hj Mohammad Sukardini bin Hj Mohammad Yusof, another Terrace House recipient of the Lumut/ Sungai Liang National Housing Scheme residing there with his wife and two children, said during an interview with the Bulletin that he had originally applied for the housing scheme in Tutong in 2006 but because he had been stationed at the Sungai Tali Primary School, he had transferred his application to the housing scheme in Sungai Liang in 2012.

“Thankfully the process to get a house here did not take that long, even if we were from outside the district. We are very satisfied with the design of the house, even though it is a terrace. The facilities in this house are adequate for us because it is within our financial capacity. It has always been a dream of mine to own this type of house. In addition, I believe that it is an advantage to have neighbours living close by just in case anything happens,” added Hj Mohammad Sukardini.

During His Majesty’s visit, he went to more than 30 homes where he spoke to the proud new owners at length, which reflects the monarch’s care and concern for his subjects. - Borneo Bulletin (21 February 2013)