Various clubs greet His Majesty at home of Pandan ‘B’ Village Head
Zee Yusri

THE Village Head of Pandan ‘B’, Awg Hj Abdul Malik bin Abu Bakar, received for the first time His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, with the beautiful sounds of ‘gulingtangan’ accompanying His Majesty’s arrival at his house. Some leisure clubs had prepared to welcome His Majesty at the village head’s house.

Among the clubs that greeted His Majesty were Scooter Owners Group (SOG); who displayed unique scooters, K-Bee Darters; who displayed their trophies and goodies, and Belait RC Boat; who displayed fascinating remote control boats.

SOG’s main objective is to bring back the nostalgia of the well-known scooters such as Vespas and Lambrettas, as was stated by the group’s President, Hj Derius bin Hj Haris.

K-Bee Darters is a club consisting of dart fans. According to the Leader of K-Bee Darters, Alirahman bin Suhaili, the sport of darts is becoming well-known and it is very useful for youths as it helps in numeracy practice.

Belait RC Boat has about 60 members and they have a great range of remote control boats: imported and local. Their boats use a certain engines, not batteries, except the remotes, as was shared by the leader of Belait RC Boat, Abdul Muttalib bin Hj Ibrahim. - Borneo Bulletin (21 February 2013)