Royal call to respect prayer times
Hakim Hayat

HIS Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam last night reminded organisers of public events, especially sports events, to take into account and respect prayer times and stressed that events should not be scheduled at times that make Muslims neglect obligatory prayers that they must fulfil.

His Majesty delivered a titah to mark the National Level Nuzul Al-Quran 1434 Hijrah celebration (Revelation of the Quran) at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Berakas last night.

Also present at the event was HRH Prince ‘Abdul Malik as well as other members of the royal family.

His Majesty also consented to present prizes to winners of various categories of the Final Stage of the National Competition for Memorisation of Al-Quran and its Interpretations, including the Category for MABIMS member countries.

Nine-year-old Ak Mohamad Khairul Hakimin bin Pg Mohammad Aminuddin emerged as the champion of Category ‘A’.

In the titah, the monarch reminded that reading the Quran and performing the daily prayers are fundamental towards ensuring the continuity of the nation’s social life. “Without them, our existence will be weak and lifeless,” His Majesty said, adding that neglecting it is not acceptable.

When planning any form of activities, His Majesty said prayers should not be secluded. “Do not overlook this, because if we do so in this respect, it means that we are inviting the curse from Allah the Almighty,” His Majesty added.

His Majesty cited a recent event dubbed “The Run”, which according to the monarch received participants for registration from as early as 4am. “At 4.40am participants were asked to assemble for a warm-up session which began at 5am which was followed by running events, including entertainment. Only at 8.30am the guest of honour arrived and followed by other events it finished by 9.30am,” His Majesty said.

“Looking at the schedule, wouldn’t it be strange if someone asked where was Subuh prayer? Because Subuh prayer at that time was at 4.43am, whereas events had already commenced before the prayer and went on throughout the day,” His Majesty added.

With thousands of participants at the event, His Majesty said it is undisputable that the majority are Muslims. “Where were they during the Subuh prayer? Where were their thoughts on during the call for prayers?” His Majesty rhetorically asked.

His Majesty also questioned the roles of the organisers and leaders involved in the event, asking why were they not there to rectify the situation and why didn’t they take the issue seriously.

“Amazingly, people could still laugh, despite the reality that thousands of youths, men and women failed to perform the Subuh prayer, despite knowing the fact that it is priceless performing two ‘raka’at’ of the Sunnat Subuh prayer,” His Majesty added.

His Majesty hoped that it will not be repeated again, reiterating the need for event organisers and leaders to be more vigilant in planning for events that involve their staff and members of the public.

“They need to evaluate and ensure that plans are in line with Islamic teachings, because if they are contradicting, doesn’t this mean that we are insulting ourselves and our religion?” the monarch asked.

Earlier in the titah, the monarch reminded that the Quran is the greatest miracle and also the theme of the Nuzul Al-Quran celebration this year, “Al-Quran as the Source of Strength”, referring to a firman by Allah the Almighty in Surah al-Hasyr, verse 21.

The verse, His Majesty said, highlights the supremacy and vigour of the Quran. “If we embrace it as a constitution for life, its force will undoubtedly emerge to the believers.”

His Majesty said we must unyieldingly hold on to the Quran, embrace its laws and take heed from its reminders. “With this, Insya Allah, we can attain the real aura and vigour. I want to see everyone fluent in Al-Quran reading, so our nation will together attain strength.”

Referring to the Compulsory Religious Education Order 2012 which was enforced recently, His Majesty hoped that in doing so, all our younger generation, particularly our students pursuing higher education overseas would no longer be Al-Quran illiterate nor unable to perform the daily prayers. - Borneo Bulletin (26 July 2013)