Day of victory for Muslims
Aziz Idris

HIS Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam yesterday hailed the end of the month of fasting as “a great victory” for Muslims who observed and completed the obligatory Ramadhan.

“It is not easy to achieve this great victory and only those who stood firm on the righteous path deserve this victory. As Muslims we must aim for this victory from Allah the Almighty and disregard the whispers of Shaitan (the devil). When we claim our great victory, it will earn us the respect and be among the companions of Allah the Almighty.”

His Majesty said this in a titah to mark the first day of Syawal 1434 Hijrah and was broadcast to the nation last night.

His Majesty was quick to remind that there is nothing wrong in pursuing this great victory, as it is encouraged in Islam but he cautioned that this pursuit to victory is not merely for the benefit of the world, but also for the afterlife.

“Everyone in this world wants to achieve victory, be it for a top job, in terms of education or in the form of wealth. But why are such pursuits limited to this world and not for the afterlife?” His Majesty asked.

His Majesty drove home the point saying that the worldly joys will come to an end but all the joys in the afterlife are forever. However to earn that sacrifices have to be made.

“We should not stand idle and just dream. Allah the Almighty has promised beautiful dwellings (in the afterlife) for those who do righteous deeds. If we do so, it will not only benefit us, but also the whole community. So let us be steadfast in performing righteous deeds, and by God’s will, our community as well as the nation will be always at peace and enjoy prosperity,” pointed out His Majesty.

Talking about righteous deeds, His Majesty said Muslims serving food or drinks to Muslims or non-Muslims during fasting hours is discouraged in Islam and seen as a mockery because by doing so “we will compromise the dignity of our religion”.

His Majesty reminded his subjects that during Ramadhan believers must refrain from consuming food or drinks, and if a Muslim breaks the rule he/she could be penalised in court.

“This law is meant solely to glorify the month of Ramadhan which also acts as a reminder and educates Muslims to maintain their dignity and that of the religion.”

The monarch was citing the new directive on Muslim eateries which are barred from serving food or drinks to patrons during the fasting hours.

The monarch added that non-Muslims are allowed to consume food and drinks at their own private premises unless there is a specific reason to do otherwise.

Earlier in the titah, His Majesty said that only by holding true to religion and practising righteous deeds can the country be free of negative traits such as alcoholism, crime, corruption, drug abuse or gambling.

The ruler cited a report in the news whereby Muslims were caught gambling in the holy month of Ramadhan. He reminded Muslims that conducting such immoral activities in the fasting month is also considered as an insult to the religion as Islam encourages its believers to use Ramadhan as a time of spiritual reflection, improvement and increased devotion and worship.

“For Brunei Darussalam Islam is the way of life. With Islam, Brunei is not only developing but also maintaining its peace and prosperity for its people.

“What can be more powerful than this when compared to other places whereby sustaining peace is difficult to achieve due to the conflict of ideology. Let us come together and pave the way for continuous peace and sustain it,” said the ruler.

Before concluding the titah, His Majesty conveyed his “Hari Raya” greetings and on behalf of the royal family to the people of the country wherever they may be. - Borneo Bulletin (9 August 2013)