Avoid stagnancy
Hakim Hayat

HIS Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam in a titah underscored the need for the Officer Cadet School (OCS) of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) to persistently take cognizance of the latest academic and military developments from within the country and afar, in upholding its role of generating excellent Officer Cadets.

His Majesty also urged the OCS to implement ‘external validation’ steps to promote a progressive transformation of the institution.

The monarch, who is also the Minister of Defence and Supreme Commander of the RBAF, delivered the titah on the occasion of the Sovereign Parade of the OCS’s 9th Intake where 26 Officer Cadets were commissioned as RBAF Officers at the Defence Academy in Sungai Akar Camp yesterday.

Accompanying His Majesty was HRH Prince Lieutenant ‘Abdul Mateen.

His Majesty also urged Officer Cadets to remain steadfast and steer clear of stagnancy. “I hope all virtues and personal values acquired from the training will always be maintained, polished and preserved and will not fade away and be tainted by transgressions that can damage the RBAF institution’s image.”

His Majesty congratulated the 26 Officer Cadets who will be commissioned as Military Officers in the RBAF.

“I am pleased to note that they took up the challenge of a career in the military. This is proof that they were all determined to go through all the assessments. There is no doubt that their achievements bring about huge significance for the nation’s future and for the stability of the nation’s defence and security.”

His Majesty also expressed his appreciation and commended the OCS’s Commander and trainers for all their hard work in tirelessly organising and implementing successful 42-week training.

As the Sovereign Parade marks the culmination in the field of military training, His Majesty said it is also a historical day for parents and guardians of the “heroes”.

“Parents and guardians should be thankful of this achievement because these Officer Cadets will succeed the helm in the RBAF as Officers,” His Majesty added.

After 42 weeks on intensive training, His Majesty said their achievements leaves a profound impact capable of transforming characters and personalities of the Officers to become more responsible. “Through this training they have been equipped with vigilance in overcoming obstacles as well as in empowering themselves as our “heroes”.

The Monarch said he is confident that the Officer Cadets can be regarded as one of the finest group amongst our youths that are of high-calibre, who are prepared to shoulder major responsibilities as our nation’s pillars and trustworthy young men and women.

His Majesty, in the titah, also welcomed 26 Officer Cadets from the OCS’s 10th intake who were part of the parade yesterday. “I value the inclination and spirit of patriotism shown by them. Be a true patriot, do not back off and slack off during and until the end of the trainings” His Majesty advised.

For the Officer Cadets from the 9th Intake who were commissioned as Officers yesterday, His Majesty in closing the titah advised them to view it as a trust and obligation given to them in prioritising leadership values, loyalty, courage and good character. “All Military Officers are required to perform their tasks and responsibilities carefully and diligently as well in safeguarding orders, according to legal principles and rules that are set,” His Majesty added. - Borneo Bulletin (9 July 2013)