Bruneians wear flag on chests for National Day
Fadhil Yunus

AS SCHOOLCHILDREN and youths from all walks of life converged at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium day in and day out for practice braving the searing heat in the weeks leading up to the grand event, the night scene similarly echoed the day’s activities with the police and army marching bands performing enthusiastically entering the stadium.

For those days and weeks, the stadium had become a lively and vibrant place, full of energy as participants repeatedly performed routines.

The committee members from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports attended most of the training sessions and rehearsals to observe the progress of the preparations.

When the royal dais was erected the week before the celebrations and the huge boards bearing the sign “Upacara Perhimpunan Agung” was set up, the stadium was filled with harmonious melodies through the instruments of the police and army marching bands, standing side by side just like in reality as the front-liners of security for the nation.

A convoy of public transport and off-road vehicles also made its way into the stadium.

Food was also provided by the schools in between hours of training.

At the other end of the spectrum, the government and private sectors as well as non- governmental bodies played their part during the march-past.

There was is an increase in number involving those from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) participating in this year’s celebrations.

Participants from the PMO and its departments began rehearsals earlier this month donning white sporting attire.

On the final Sunday before the main celebration, three songs composed specifically for the celebrations lifted the mood of the participants and as the beat to Generasi Wawasan played out. - Borneo Bulletin (24 February 2014)