Royal call for military institution to make continuous improvements
Siti Hajar

THE country’s military institution as a whole has been urged to continuously make improvements in their respective disciplines through not merely personal development, but also the use of latest technologies as a means to preserve national interest.

In a sabda delivered on the occasion of the Sovereign’s Parade for the Officer Cadet School’s (OCS) 10th intake, His Royal Highness Prince General Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince and Senior Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office and General of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces, yesterday reminded newly recruited soldiers and the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) to keep in mind two aspects that are required of them as part of their services.

“First, each new military officer needs to understand the RBAF operating environment to assure the level and the expectation of their efficiencies as they undertake their respective duties and responsibilities,” which is significantly needed, especially when taking into consideration current safety concerns that are not just evolving and unexpected, but also becoming vast, complex and challenging.

“Second, to overcome these concerns, the RBAF should constantly be ahead of them through expanding and upgrading its capabilities from all angles,” stressing the need to incorporate the latest in technology as part of RBAF’s equipment and weaponry.

“Therefore, the RBAF’s ability and resilience is determined by the coupling of its equipment with the competency, expertise and discipline of its people,” His Royal Highness said, adding that these elements should be centralised within OCS graduates towards the shaping of military officers that are of the highest quality.

And as part of the RBAF’s human resource development, under no circumstances should the RBAF “lose sight of the importance of applying the country’s Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB) concept as the core to preserve stability in the line of leadership as well as leaders,” His Royal Highness continued.

In moving forward as the RBAF continues to cultivate young leaders into exemplary youths, His Royal Highness reminded the Officer Cadets to become the best of examples, in line with the defence institution’s highest reputation.

“They need to inspire and provide understanding to the men and women under them on the importance of their contribution in shouldering the main mission to safeguard and defend the country’s sovereignty.”

To supplement their skills and knowledge, His Royal Highness shared that yesterday’s graduating intake are to become the first group to be awarded the National Diploma in Military Leadership and Management, handed to them by the country’s National Accreditation Council, which he described as “an endorsement that is meaningful to OCS and to the RBAF.”

“It is my hope that the relevant authorities will continue to monitor the development of this award, whilst at the same time, conduct the necessary revisions,” when needed.

With the OCS’s Course Assessment Strategy, His Royal Highness also expressed his confidence that the academy’s programme will continue to stay relevant and sensitive to meeting the needs of RBAF’s future.

“This assessment should possess vision and the ability to look ahead to visualise the country’s needs in accordance with the Officer Cadets’ abilities, which at the moment comprises university graduates and those from higher education institutions,” reminded His Royal Highness, adding that, “Each programme provided by the OCS should be shaped thoroughly and clearly.”

The objective, His Royal Highness explained, “is to provide knowledge and skills to shape leaders and a military that is of calibre and competitiveness as the integrity and professionalism of our soldiers will be constantly challenged from various aspects”.

Each personnel, it was added, has the potential to improve their individual capacities through bettering their awareness, which will provide them with the know-how when it comes to decision making and when faced with future threats.

“Adaptability and the sense of accountability should be present in each individual officer as a basis to apply themselves in certain situations. This is because the RBAF is no longer just an observer, but has proven itself able as an entrusted leader.”

Earlier in the sabda, His Royal Highness also extended his praise to the graduating intake for their resilience, sacrifice, transformation and achievements after enduring 42 weeks of mental and physical strain.

“They have successfully proven their abilities, perseverance and determination in tackling challenges and trials that, sometimes, go beyond their means.” - Borneo Bulletin (24 January 2014)