His Majesty tours OGDC’s science exhibition
Zee Yusri

BRUNEI Shell Petroleum Co Sdn Bhd, through its Oil and Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC), is one of the participants at the Knowledge Convention 2014, which was launched by His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam yesterday.

It will be held until November 4 at the International Convention Centre (ICC).

Themed “Science and Technology: Catalyst of Development and Enhancing the Ummah’s Quality of Life”, OGDC is showcasing an exhibition dubbed “Playing With Light” (PWL), as well as its science outreach programme, “Siuknya Sains” (Fun With Science).

During the tour of the Knowledge Convention exhibition, His Majesty was welcomed by Ken Marnoch, Managing Director of BSP, and was given a special short stop at the mini science lab to witness the Fun With Science show conducted by Albert Chang, Head of Outreach, OGDC.

His Majesty was then escorted for a special tour around the PWL section.

His Majesty was briefed on the highlights of the exhibition by Hj Irwandy bin Hj Lois, Head of OGDC.

His Majesty was then brought through the interactive tunnel of PWL, made of 20,000 LEDs that switch on and off in response to a person’s movement.

His Majesty was also introduced to the Laser Dodge, one of the highlights of PWL.

This whole body, multi-user exhibit demonstrates the properties of laser light and highlights its use in security applications.

Following the Laser Dodge, His Majesty was also shown around a few other exhibits such as Computer Vision, Shadow Colour and Paint with Infrared.

The PWL exhibition has been at the OGDC since April 2014.

At the OGDC section of the Knowledge Convention exhibition, visitors are able to take part in various mini competitions and witness science shows conducted by OGDC’s science communicators and by guest science educators from the National Science Museum of Thailand.

Through these science shows, science challenges and interactive exhibition, not only has OGDC enhanced its interaction with the public, it also instilled in the community the importance of science in our daily lives, providing a fun, innovative and exciting space for visitors to experience the wonders of science and technology. - Borneo Bulletin (29 October 2014)